Lee Fields Welcomes You Into His World…

you see, that is the problem with being a fan of modern funk/soul. more than any other genre i can think of, it is always being compared to its past. critics bomb it. consumers more or less bomb it. like, how the fuck can we compare a soul album in 2009 with one from 1964? of course it’s not as good when set beside sam cooke or james brown or stax or all that early 70s southern soul groove that smokes.
i mean, why even listen to anything that isn’t the pinnacle of its genre? everything’s been done better before, right? so why don’t we do this with other genres?

The funk, soul brother is one I’m still playing catch up with. That chase will go on forever – the catalog is almost infinite, because it’s been in the making for forty plus years, right? Instead of backtracking to the greats of the past, I’ve ventured into modern day soul igniters – like Raphael Saadiq and even the white wonder: Jamie Lidell. Since I’ve yet to truly dive into the 60’s and 70’s movement of soul, I don’t know better; these moderns sound excellent to me.

Which brings us to 2009 ‘s My World masterfully presented by Lee Fields and The Expressions. With age comes experience and wisdom; Lee Fields has both, but also a knack for laying down the throaty jams that have the potential to smoke. Sure, these present-day composers bite the classics of yesterday; but when they are taking from the old, their blend with the new and modern creates something fresh for all to delve into. A record I keep returning to. Who knows, maybe his name will materialize in my next Last FM Wordle. See why below…

Lee Fields and The Expressions :: Do You Love Me (Like You Say You Do)

Lee Fields and The Expressions :: Last Ride


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