All Kinds of Fantastic – Wait For It!

Remember when it was a huge deal when artists you respect and enjoy were on late night television? I’d go out of my way to let the crew know; set the Tivo and simply be amazed a coveted act is on a major network: The Features are on Kimmel tonight! Well, that was a big deal then and still is today. Autolux on Kimmel? But how about when out of the blue, LCD Soundsystem are all of a sudden on Letterman? Really? Maybe me, but isn’t it now common that bands in rotation by you are making the rounds on all the major networks? You can always tell the audience is going through the motions when one of these bands we like more than them are being showcased – the lack of enthusiasm and forced applause –if any – is plenty apparent.

It seems like Stereogum or your favorite board are showcasing on a weekly basis last night’s performance by bands you didn’t think we’re ready for the masses. Do they deserve the exposure? Most definitely. Take ex-Polyphonic Spree/ex-Sufjan Stevens’ bandmate St. Vincent unleashing “Marrow”. She’s received the exposure and accolades; and now she also makes her network debut on you guessed it, late night television.

This is some sophisticated shit – and when those horns come alive, I don’t know if I should stand in disbelief or move my feet.


1 Response to “All Kinds of Fantastic – Wait For It!”

  1. July 4, 2009 at 7:39 am

    Dude, I’m glad you mentioned this performance. Honestly, I saw this live the night it aired and I was so impressed. I have seen a lot of rave reviews on her in the press, but the clincher was seeing this live! How cool were those horns, and I didn’t know she played guitar, that good. I would buy her record on the laurels of that performance.

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