Everything Is Shattering!

Instead of receiving one big helping of psychetronica, care of Maps, or a leak of his forthcoming Turning The Mind, I like these tasters the man is serving us. It has kept me anxious for his second full-length to be unleashed. “Let Go Of The Fear” is hard hitting and heavy on the trance atmospherics; “Valium In The Sunshine” is reminiscent of the We Can Create era – with whisper-like vocals and light pulsating beats, or music to lose yourself in while doing nothing. Bedroom dreamin’ at its best.

And now we have “Everything is Shattering”. As expected, from the rather somber title, the theme is about loss.

..about losing the true love of your life, and then having to settle for the next best thing, because, I guess sometimes you just have to. And it can be a really painful experience in the long term.

But upon listening, you’ll quickly notice the overall uplifting tone throughout. James had this also to say about today’s taster:

Everything Is Shattering can be taken to mean different things (feel free to comment on what you get from listening to it!!), it can either mean ‘shattering’ as in ‘everything is falling apart’, OR it can mean, although life IS shitty a lot of the time, it can also be shatteringly beautiful some of the time :). Even if only for brief moments.

Regardless of its true theme, I await Turning the Mind in September…

Maps :: Everything is Shattering (MySpace stream)


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