I Have A CD Stuck In My Deck!


There has been a CD in my Honda’s deck for months. I’d even go, maybe, four? It could be five, even. Now, it’s not that my in dash player won’t give that disc back up. It’s that I won’t give another spin to anything but this 2006 record. For variety, and not for anything to get stale, my medium of choice when rollin’ in my ‘6-4 is my iPod. There are those times though where I want to slow it down – and not experience the ADD state of shuffle. There is bliss in experiencing an album from start to finish – in the chronological order that artist intended for their listener.

I’ll enter my car, scour my coat pocket for my iPod, but then realize it’s a short drive; why not let the CD continue? The silence will dissipate sooner . You must realize, I most likely played this album in its entirety easily three-five times already this week. This record, one where I initially praised, was one that grew on me exponentially. Since its hibernation in my Accord, the drug-induced haziness of the guitar tones,  and dark lyrical content have become embedded in me. It’s almost a struggle to hit AUX on my dash to step out of Ten Silver Drops, the last album by the original Secret Machines lineup. But last night, it happened: my player was set free! The green disc escaped. How you ask?

Bumbling around online, I realized there was a disc, yes, a CD I didn’t own by this trio. Back in 2006, while toting what recently pushed whatever #20 would be on my all-time favorite record list out of its spot, this NYC force dropped into KCRW’s studio. Here, they performed six tracks – two from Now Here Is Nowhere and four from Ten Silver Drops. Upon seeing my collection was lacking, I ran out to another long forgotten medium: the record store.

This CD, another one consisting of nothing but Secret Machines psychedelia and gloominess, is what FINALLY made me hit eject. A collection of epic tracks re-imagined exclusively for KCRW….

  1. Alone, Jealous and Stoned
  2. The Road Leads Where It’s Led
  3. Lightning Blue Eyes
  4. Faded Lines
  5. Daddy’s In The Doldrums
  6. Nowhere Again

Secret Machines :: Morning Becomes Eclectic ( Live at KCRW)


1 Response to “I Have A CD Stuck In My Deck!”

  1. 1 Joe
    May 1, 2009 at 1:34 am

    Glad to see you made it down to Twist & Shout. I hope there’s an in-store that interests both of us in the coming weeks or months there! I’ll need to revisit the Secret Machines. I remember listening to a few songs back in 2006 on your recommendation, but never fully spinning an album from beginning to end.

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