Vanilla Strawberry Knickbocker Glory!

I was very close to blowing off Fujiya & Miyagi‘s live set last night. It would have been out of laziness really. I was trying to think of excuses on why not to go but nothing surfaced.  My only exposure to these gents was an awful one.  One time, Pitchfork curated an outdoor festival and opted to put this then trio on a side stage. After two songs, I decided this wasn’t the F&M I expected and walking to get a Sparks was a better option. I hoped seeing them in a proper club setting would be when the real F&M stood up.   On record, the songs make me groove here and there; some more than others.  If you’re not closely listening, the tracks might appear all as one.  Variety isn’t necessarily their strength.  But that’s OK.  I went into this quartet’s set last night expecting a few high points – with burners like “Collarbone”, “Uh”, “In One Ear & Out the Other” bringing those stomp my boots moments.  I couldn’t have been more wrong.  Before last year, Fujiya and crew were a trio that consisted of a guitarist, bassist, and a dude on keys/synths, triggers, drum sounds, ETC.  Now though, there is a full-time percussionist who keeps time like the best of them. Synchronized party starters…

If the energy level on record ranges from a 5-7.5, in a club setting, they crank that fervor to the max.  To the fucking max, actually.  The vocals are still a light whisper, although the surrounding musical aura behind David Best’s delivery makes people groove.  Shake.  Bounce.  Whatever makes hipsters form a break dancing circle.  Yes, people were poppin’ & lockin’ on the grimy, beer infested floor of the Bottom Lounge last night.  Their sound was disco-tinged and funky; full of enthusiasm and freak out musicianship from beginning to end.  Last night didn’t consist of high moments.  The whole set in itself was a high point.  And I’ll leave you the way this quartet left me last night, with “In One Ear & Out the Other” followed by “Collarbone”.

Only my third show this year, and what I said earlier is looking to remain true: 2009 will be about quality over quantity.

Fujiya & Miyagi :: In One Ear & Out the Other

Fujiya & Miyagi :: Collarbone


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