Just a Friendly Neighborhood Speed Demon!


I think music influences the way I drive.  It makes sense though – an upbeat number spins on, you want to fly like Knight Rider; a laid-back ballad finds its way to the speakers and you’re trying to keep up with your grandma beside (ya) – and don’t mind obeying the speed limit.  Many years ago, before I must have had taste in good music, I let this track influence my driving.  The fuzz pulled me over for doubling the speed limit.  In my defense though, the city capped our ability to fly at only 30 M.P.H.  When the BPMs are set a tad too high, the summer wind is in your face, and the speakers are cranked past 10, it isn’t difficult to reach 60 M.P.H. There are countless numbers about mashin’ on the motorway, per se, but one that has stuck out for close to seven years is one from DJ Shadow.

“Mashin’ on the Motorway” was out of place for some on Shadow’s The Private Press.  It is an ode to angry drivers; a quick, yet in your face track about drivers that just can’t keep up with a local speed demon – and that local racer happens to be San Fran MC Lateef the Truth Speaker, or one half of Latryx.  Shadow splices enough road-rage infested rants and honks and burn-outs to give the listener a great mental image of Lateef attempting to double the speed limit.  The hysterics come to a grand finale as the BPMs on this one are sped up and our MC loses control.  Burnin’…

DJ Shadow :: Mashin’ on the Motorway


1 Response to “Just a Friendly Neighborhood Speed Demon!”

  1. 1 radstarr
    February 13, 2009 at 11:20 am

    Be careful with that Yuksef, that’s some good driving music too! Don’t drive into any schools homie!

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