Das Pop!


I’m sitting on something rather catchy here – to be more specific, it’s infectious, really.  Das Pop, out of Ghent, Belgium have concocted an assortment of party jams; tracks to spin before you’re about to step out on a Saturday evening.  It’s a nice mix of elements we enjoy: guitar driven dance rhythms, driving bass lines, and a sprinkle of Soulwax here and there.   If the Das Pop’s name sounds slightly familiar, it might be.  Justice has prominently incorporated them in their mixes – especially “Underground”.  Upon first listen, “Underground” is the perfect combination of pop tricks to get you thinking you’ve heard this song many times over.  But no, it’s not 10 years old; it’s from 2007.  This group of Belgium composers understand how to seep contagious tracks into your head.

And the real kicker, this quartet’s debut LP was produced by the Dewaele brothers – A.K.A. Soulwax. (New mix on their MySpace)  If you’re familiar with daytime Soulwax , when they’re not remixing themselves, you’ll find lighter elements of Any Minute Now interspersed throughout. Das Pop toy with springier garage rock, too.  But they aren’t just another band who write dance songs with guitars and hand claps; Das Pop can compose light-hearted numbers with subtle piano hits, light strings, and delicate plucking, too.  With upbeat party tracks, a soulful ballad or two, Das Pop have put together a record earning repeat spins today and most likely throughout all of 2009.  Highly recommended…

Das Pop :: Saturday Night Part 1

Das Pop :: Never Get Enough


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