Scotland Invaded the Bottle!


This past weekend initialized my 2009 season of shows.  There isn’t much on the horizon yet for live gigs, but if Friday and Saturday’s live performances were any indication, this might be the year of quality over quantity.  The two other contributors to this blog live and die by that creed.  On Friday, I witnessed the Chicago supergroup Prairie Cartel who kick out intelligent, catchy electro-rock with style at the recently re-located Bottom LoungeCheck PC’s “Homicyde” track here.

And then, Saturday brought the Scottish quartet Frightened Rabbit to the cozy and hipster infested Empty Bottle.  We know music outta this area is no joke.  The Bottle has been home to countless shows that will forever set the standard for how a live gig should be – I’ve seen some of my most dynamic and unique shows at this dark, waiting to be destroyed by instruments venue.  No, this isn’t where my post is headed, but Frightened Rabbit electrified the audience enough –and captivated everyone’s attention – to mention how this venue can bring artists alive.  Maybe Frightened Rabbit were a timid group at one point – but Saturday’s lively set exuded the complete opposite.  The Midnight Organ Fight, from 2008, was a pleasant surprise for me and when placed in front of an audience, the Rabbits’ guitars seem to churn a lot quicker, the drums clash at a more rapid pace, and one begins to appreciate the wit and sincerity of Scott’s lyrics as the jangle roars underneath.  Unfortunately, the boys’ U.S. tour is quickly coming to a close, although I’d be damn surprised if they aren’t at one of the big, local summer festivals.  Highly recommended on record or face-to-face.

For the encore, the unaccompanied Scott Hutchison walked upon the stage packing only his acoustic guitar.   A quick wave of silence instantly hit the sold-out Empty Bottle, while the front man kept us mesmerized with his carefree lyricism and tuneful Scottish delivery.

Frightened Rabbit :: Poke

Appropriately, they closed this monumental set with…

Frightened Rabbit :: Keep Yourself Warm


2 Responses to “Scotland Invaded the Bottle!”

  1. 1 radstarr
    February 6, 2009 at 1:22 pm

    Yeah, I really liked this LP, but it did take me a couple of listens, I’m glad to hear he sounded good live as well. I was thinking of grabbing the Live EP on Emusic–maybe I will now. Peace

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