When Mtv Used to Seat Their Artists…


An intimate show is one reason we keep up on emerging bands, right?  Those rookie acts start out in the smaller venues – the ones where you can practically reach out and touch the artist, or maybe even see the spit flying onto the mic from five feet away.  In the realm of music, a show where it feels like the artist is playing for you and you only is one to be remember; I’ve seen some of my most memorable shows at venues where the capacity is only a few hundred – or maybe ones where there aren’t even 100 people in the room.  If you’re lucky, the artist might take the time to tell a joke, explain a meaning behind a track; maybe even go into detail on how the song became to be.  Believe it or not, Mtv used to routinely provide the above experience for you and me to enjoy time and time again – under the Unplugged name – but anyone who reads this blog, already owns at least one of those recordings. Right?

These performances are one of a kind; the CDs I own from various artists who shared a stripped down, passionate recording are albums I cherish.  One of them, constitutes as the best album I own in a particular genre – shit was no joke in the 90’s and then in the early 21st century.  A few songs worth sharing…but really, how does one even begin to choose?

Rod Stewart was no joke in his heyday.  He has concocted some beyond memorable tracks over the years and when seated, it was no different…

Rod Stewart (Unplugged) :: Cut Across Shorty

Seattle’s Nirvana, the first grunge act for the masses, provided a truly unique experience that we never witnessed again and unfortunately, never will…

Nirvana :: Where Did You Sleep Last Night

The Chilean rock group known as La Ley put out a monster when they sat down in Miami.  They exuded raw emotion and infinite enthusiasm on all 16 numbers. Best when just the band, but Mexico’s Ely Guerra showed them how it’s done on “El Duelo” .Out of all the Latin albums I own, this one is without question, the best.  It’s eight years old now, but still receives a monthly spin, if not more…

La Ley :: Al Final

And then, Eric Clapton’s very real “Tears in Heaven”?


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