12 Years Late to the Party…

She came from Greece.  She had a thirst for knowledge. She studied sculpture at Saint Martin’s College, that’s where I caught her eye.  She told me that her Dad was loaded.  I said, “In that case, I’ll have a rum and coca-cola.”  She said, “Fine”.

If anything this year, I embraced pop – but British pop, to be more specific.  When the English accent isn’t as prominent and the buildup is as brilliant as “Common People” by Pulp, I tend to destroy things. As this banger radiated from the speakers, my cell phone would routinely turn into a drum stick and my steering wheel posed as the skins.  After cracking a personal item or two, I realized that maybe it was time to explore Pulp’s catalog.  My first venture was Different Class, from 1996, which as any British pop aficionado knows, is monumental – maybe even a near flawless record?  It’s sure got one hell of a three song combo; you can experience this brilliancy below…

Pulp :: Common People

Pulp :: I Spy

and probably the true classic of the record…

Pulp :: Disco 2000

Documentaries are usually made about movements, a band’s yearlong tour, a president, but an hour feature on one song?  This stomper became such a phenomenon that you have 60 minutes of your time to allot to discover everything you ever wanted to know about Pulp’s “Common People”.

The Story of Common People


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