And I’m Always Coming Back…to the Hood!

A DJ mix can do many things – like make an instant playlist for you, expose you to some artists you might not know, make you want to drink more than normal, or maybe just keep you up-to-date on what’s hot in the Pitchfork meets hipster hip-hop world.  Local DJs, the Hood Internet were one of the first credible sites to give MiS any props – by simply linking us on their mash-up induced website.  For those not in the know, the Hood takes a relatively well-known MC’s spit and layers it over a song from a group you’d find on the PFork or your local hipster, meets indie rock blog.  For the most part, the background music usually stems from an artist I dig and a lot of times, the track they decide upon would fall into a top 50 single chart, if I was so ambitious.

This time around, their mix consists of 34 tracks.  As always, the Hood is upping them for free.  Give a listen to two below and decide if you need this.  Personally, I’m feelin’ it and do recommend a dip over to the Hood.

Take maybe one of the most infectious songs to me this year, “Blind” by Hercules & Love Affair and pair it up with the true hustla, Rick Ross.

Hood Internet :: Blind Speed

Another one of my favorites from this year comes from Cut Copy – Lights & Music.  This time around, the boys paired the Aussies with ATL group, The Dream.

Hood Internet :: Light Falsetto Music

Just a heads up, guys: “Bump” by Spank Rock should never be touched.  Never.  0.0 there.


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