Like you need another music site to check on a daily basis; maybe you got smart and recruited Google Reader for your daily vieiwing though?  Amazon.com has been my go to online record store (it has) because of their wide range of music, and I also use their site to peruse the reader’s reviews of LPs before pulling the trigger on a purchase.  There was at once, a time where downloading an album to sample was more work than simply typing, “Fujiya & Miyagi Lightbulbs.zip” into your favorite search engine.  We all know now that release dates and these times are long past us.

This week, Amazon unveiled its new music site: SoundUnwound.  Their take on All Music Guide will be an uphill battle; AMG has been around for ages and Amazon’s venture is in its true infancy.  Unwound is meant to be an all in one music related website with reviews, discographies, biographies, videos, and whatever else you’d be searching for.  Besides the usual, they want to recommend like bands to you, too.  I tried this blog’s common thread; and they told me to go purchase a Lynard Skynard record.  Hmmm.  It’s user friendly and fairly visual upon first glance though, but the major difference is that this site is completely user generated–like Wikipedia.  A major difference is SoundUnwound’s edits have to be approved by their staff.  Good luck covering all of that, guys.  Useful?  Or a great attempt that is simply… too late?

And in totally unrelated news, I may enjoy the new Annie record.  Lead single below…


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