Let the Riddim Hit Ya….


Vem Magalenha rojão, traz a lenha pro fogão, vem fazer armação.Hoje é um dia de sol, alegria de coió, é curtir o verão.

What? Trust me, it doesn’t matter. After experiencing barely 10 seconds of the international post below, I had to up this classic, tribal percussion driven track.

The multi-faceted Sergio Mendes who has been in the game since the 60’s –he wasn’t scared to dabble in classical sounds, traditional Brazilian rhythms, Latin pop, or whatever else helped him to survive into the 21st century. (Timeless dropped in 2006) Way back in ’92, the man put out Brasileiro, a collection of 14 vibrant tracks. My guess is Sergio composed “Magalenha” to help you envision what a (NSFW) night at Carnaval might be like, or simply, a day in Rio de Janeiro at the beach. The drum work and vibes alone make this an ultimate banger from start to finish, but with the male and female vocals trading off with one another, one wouldn’t even question how Sergio remains in the game, even 40 years later. You’re bound to at least tap your foot to the pulse-pounding beat.

Sergio Mendes :: Magalenha

Get your grainy video on below….


1 Response to “Let the Riddim Hit Ya….”

  1. June 12, 2008 at 9:34 pm

    Nice counter to the Forca post. Tribal beats for sure. Is this Vampire Weekend? Just kidding…

    Seriously though, this is a great, upbeat, festive song. It brings me back to my trip with Austin and our ladies in Playa del Carmen last year. While drinking at one of the many outdoor bars/clubs, we witnessed a drum circle with dancing flame throwers. It was incredible. Great vibe.

    Nice pics, btw. Austin wore a similar thong in Playa.

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