MiS has had a strong focus on bands from foreign lands recently, so I figured I’d continue the trend by promoting European soccer and a Luso-Canadian singer

Euro2008 is in full swing.  Storied rivalries and tension between opposing countries is at an all-time high, yet those of us in the States would hardly know it since it doesn’t get much media attention.  I have to commend ESPN for covering some of the matches though.  

I’m sure JT has been watching closely.  After all, he’s definitely the biggest soccer fan of us three and has had the distinct pleasure of catching a Champions League game during one of his visits to the UK (not to mention being in Germany and in the heart of the hoopla surrounding the 2006 World Cup tournament).

Anyhow, this year’s tournament reminded me of a song (thanks, Lori) by Nelly Furtado that was chosen as the anthem of Euro2004 in Portugal.  Originally featured on her 2003 album, Folklore, “Força” was distinctly written with her ancestery in mind.  Furtado added:

When I was touring in Portugal, people would frequently say goodbye to me by saying “Força,” which is Portuguese slang. It translates as “Keep going,” or “Kick ass.” It’s also associated with sports, especially football [soccer]. I put a feminine twist on the idea of how you feel when you’re watching your favourite team. When you tie that into nationality, it becomes pretty intense. So this is a happy song, a burst of energy. 

The song begins with a quick drum stick tap and an accordion-like synth groove before Furtado drops the first verse.  Legendary musician, Bela Fleck is featured on banjo and enhances the musical background with a magical riff throughout the song. 

Tension builds in her voice as she navigates her way through motivational lyrics within each verse.  Furtado then proudly transitions into a dominating Portuguese chorus.  An all-out chant interspersed before the bridge and at the end of the song essentially proclaims victory on anything impeding her way before her journey began.

This track is definitely one to be added to your work-out mix.  An Esposito-like burst of energy!

Nelly Furtado :: Força


4 Responses to “Força!”

  1. June 10, 2008 at 6:47 pm

    Most def, kid! Let’s keep the international vibe going. I have to admit….I’m a Nelly Furtado fan. Bold girl. She did a verse in Spanish back in ’02 with a Colombian act. (Juanes) “Forca” is a quality track that I never even knew existed. Props…

    You aren’t going to stay for the Federer match?

  2. 2 Joe
    June 13, 2008 at 12:07 am

    You should have stayed….

  3. June 18, 2008 at 10:18 pm

    Next week, it’s this on blast and no booze before the game!

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