Charlie Brown Goes to the Club…


GK: It don’t even matter. It’s just names. People always get it twisted, you know, “Is this the Ghostface Killah?” Man, it’s whatever-whatever, you can name me Shithead if you want. I don’t give a fuck about all that. It’s real, man. A name is a name, and I make music. My niggas know my voice even without the name. That’s what it is.

I’ve wanted to use that quote from Ghostface Killah since May of 2006. Finally, the Onion gets its glory for their Pulitzer work right there. If you’re still with me, the point of this post lies below….

Your boy Ghost put out another LP this year, The Wallabee Champ, which has the track, “Charlie Brown” on it. The formula is tried and true; quality song if you dig the Ironman, right? Yuksek, out of France (who isn’t from there lately?) is a classically trained musician who happens to enjoy the electro dance scene. He put his twist on the original with club bass, somehow made Ghost sound like he is flowing underwater, added his bleepy blop sound and whatever else he did to have me put this on repeat. Get your download on below and then give the original a spin….

Ghostface Killah :: Charlie Brown (Yuksek Remix)

Ghostface Killah :: Charlie Brown


2 Responses to “Charlie Brown Goes to the Club…”

  1. June 4, 2008 at 10:43 pm

    Maybe it’s because I listened to it first, but I think I prefer the remix to the original. That rarely happens with me. I’m typically down the destined track. GK has the rare talent to be able to carry a track with is cadence alone. It’s a powerful thing, motivational even. Another number 1 spot from you.

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