Half Time….


Musically speaking, has 2008 done for you what it has done for me? For me, I could compile a top 10 list today that would definitely stand up six months from now, and it might even look legitimate one year from today. I’ve attempted to share a few LPs that are strong contenders the past few months. There is one though I’ve simply slept on talking about. It wasn’t because it needed to grow on me either, because this potentially classic French-bred record hit me instantly. There wasn’t a need to digest and let anything sit. Some quick words and a small taste from this international artist after the jump.

Usually, my hotspots are LA or Chicago for favorites, but this time, I’m going global. Antibes, France to be specific. M83, or primarily Anthony Gonzalez has been concocting records since 2001. Up until this point though, a lot of his music wasn’t for the pop crowd, due to its heavy shoegaze feel; layers of synths over sometimes ambient tones, which could be music to dream to, perhaps. Now in his mid-20’s, Gonzalez felt the need to reminisce about his childhood, with a specific focus on the 80’s. This period is where the brilliantly composed Saturdays=Youth originates from.

What was difficult was to be sincere,” Gonzalez says about the writing process. “Because it sounds very Eighties, it could’ve been too cheesy, too catchy. What was important to me was to keep personal things in it, to make it personal. To keep [my] identity in the album I guess that’s what was the most difficult thing. (Excellent article here)

M83’s usual identity is splattered all over this record with layers of airy synths, light piano melodies, driving rhythmic patterns, and more of the male/female vocals that MiS has grown to love. Remember though, when you’re young, sometimes you experiment with different types of music. Anthony remembers that as well. “Couleurs” is destined to be remixed for the rave crowd.

Also, in a live setting, with the addition of Morgan Kibby on vocals, these songs come alive. I think two tracks gave me goose bumps. Seriously.

Anthony and Morgan make the ultimate vocal tag-team — M83 :: “We Own the Sky”

The appropriately chosen lead single, “Graveyeard Girl” is below or click here for the Yuksek remix…


2 Responses to “Half Time….”

  1. June 4, 2008 at 10:28 pm

    It could just be the premise of the video, but “Graveyard Girl” sounds like it could fit right into a classic ’80’s movie like Say Anything. Great song. It grabbed me more than I thought it would. The same goes for “We Own the Sky,” which is a fantastic song title by the way.

    I must also comment on the New York Knights letterman jacket in the video. Another classic reference to a classic movie from our early years…

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