Swedish Pop via Colorado

Not Lame Recordings in Fort Collins, Colorado is the purveyor of all things pop, or, as their slogan proclaims, “Good Music for Good People.”  Started by Bruce Brodeen in 1995 (moving online first with AOL), Not Lame is the premier power pop label in the States and also the distributor of finer pop music, particularly imports. I’ve discovered countless bands from the pages of Not Lame, including Good ShoesTop 11 entry from 2007.

On occasion, the fine folks of Not Lame will throw in a promo release of rare or difficult to find power pop.  Awhile ago, I received one such installment with Vol. 2 of “How Swede It Is.”  Filled with Swedish pop to warm the harshest of Scandinavian winters, it’s an album I’m immensely enjoying with easier access via my Roku.

Here are two of the finer pop goodies, though they’re all delish.

Apple Brown Betty – “Aeroplane”

Mismates – “14”


1 Response to “Swedish Pop via Colorado”

  1. April 29, 2008 at 9:29 pm

    Ahh. Swedish pop. Is there anything more sugary? I can’t place who/what the Apple Brown Betty track reminds me of, but it’s extremely catchy. I’ll probably have difficulty falling to sleep tonight since it’s currently stuck in my head. I like the Mismates song equally as much, although I have no idea what she’s singing about. Are you able to decipher any English aside from ’14?’ Ha!

    Nice shout out to Not Lame. It seems Bruce has really upped his emailing proficiency lately.

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