9 Million New Fans By Week’s End?


You don’t sell units by being on (M)tv or the radio anymore; this MiS knows, but the key these days is getting your music where it can be heard: commercials, significantly used (Jason told me) in a TV show, or maybe even in a video game? Next generation games have been utilizing artists’ songs for years now and tomorrow marks the debut of what will most likely be one of the best selling games ever — Grand Theft Auto IV. Not only will this game house more than 200 artists and their respective songs, GTA will also try something truly next level – a “hear it and buy it” model for digital files. After the jump for more….

The GTA series has been infamous for incorporating music into their games via their in-game radio stations. IV will feature 18 different stations (Get a good idea of what’s playing here) that are all over the spectrum of music: Hip-hop, jazz, reggaeton, punk, electro house, etc; and Radio Broker, which is catered to you and me. None other than actress turned rocker, Juliette Lewis hosts. A small glimpse of what’s on her playlist is below:

  • !!! – “Yadnus” (Still Going to the Roadhouse mix)
  • LCD Soundsystem – “Get Innocuous”
  • The Rapture – “No Sex For Ben”
  • Tom Vek – “One Horse Race”
  • The Prairie Cartel – “Homicyde”

See, this game is supposed to sell 9,000,000 units this week. And then over the course of this year, who the hell knows what that number will amount to. This is serious exposure for artists and also a paycheck, no matter how popular or unheard of they are. You may look at the above artists on Radio Broker and personally know a few of those names; shit, those are staples for me, but the Prairie Cartel? Chicago’s electro/rockers are finally getting a head nod for what they’ve been doing practically flawlessly for years now –crafting beat influenced rock tracks with a twist. For once, someone is seeing how to utilize the Internet to actually have artists compensated for their ingenious output and it goes down like this:
Feelin’ a song while driving a car that’s not yours? Call up Niko’s (Main character) cell to dial the in-game’s music service titled, Zit. (Z-I-T-555-0100)
• Zit will send you (real person) the artist information in an email or via your Social Club account, and that will include a direct link to purchase the track via Amazon.com’s MP3 store. (DRM-free, of course)

If you got all the way down here, reader, you just read our 200th post. Thanks for your continued support.
Get your fix of what this game has to offer below.


3 Responses to “9 Million New Fans By Week’s End?”

  1. April 29, 2008 at 8:50 pm

    Quite an impressive write-up for a video game. I dig the music tie-in with the growing importance of soundtracks and improved ways to market songs. Great insight. This will definitely get a ton of hits…perfect for our 200th.

  2. April 29, 2008 at 9:10 pm

    I picked it up at 12:30 am today.

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