get over the pronunciation and just enjoy…


“The multinational Guillemots, comprised of English singer and classically trained pianist Fyfe Dangerfield, Brazilian guitarist MC Lord Magrao, Scottish percussionist Greig Stewart (aka Rican Caol), and Canadian double bassist Aristazabal Hawkes, use their eclectic influences and personal styles to create a catchy pop sound and energetic live show that has won them many fans in their British home base.” Courtesy of AMG

Guillemots, based out of London most likely could have been simply categorized as that generic term known as world music by just reading their above bio. But luckily for the pop enthusiast in all of us, they’ve decided to come together to generate music intended for the masses, although their sound is a tad more complex than your usual fare; complex rhythmic patterns, layers of keyboards, more strings than most, etc. Fyfe’s vocals are very reminiscent of Jeff Buckley or maybe the Ontarian Hawksley Workman. Care to hear what this may sound like?

As is usually the case with bands across the way, their album, Red was released just this week on the other side of the Atlantic, but as of now, there isn’t a concrete date set for a stateside release. (Irrelevant in this day and age though, right? Maybe we don’t see a tour for a bit though) “Get Over It” is their lead single and you can watch the video here. For them, they just might be trying to appeal even more to someone not willing to step out of the usual pop boundaries with this one. The live version below is taken from Friday Night with Jonathan Ross and brings that studio track to a whole ‘nother level. OK, now I do want a stateside release to witness them in a club. This post doesn’t stop after the live performance though….

And then from their current LP, here is more poptastic music.

Guillemots :: “Kriss Kross”

Jets to Brazil” off of “Through the Windowpane” was what originally attracted me to this quartet.


1 Response to “get over the pronunciation and just enjoy…”

  1. March 25, 2008 at 8:55 pm

    I love the huge synth in this song…giving the band bigger orchestration. It hits hard (nearly Dre=like). I have a tough time believing these guys wouldn’t be entertaining on stage. We should catch them if they come back.

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