brilliance through this keyhole…


  • Strong pop sensibilities? Most definitely.
  • Club bass and next level synth lines? Oh, of course.
  • Unique, yet comforting vocals gliding over hook-laden melodies? Check, and Walter Meego has and continues to do it oh so well.

My favorite Chicago duo who steps to the keyboard racks with ease and also twiddles knobs, yet is heavy on the pop hooks, is finally about to release a full-length LP entitled, Voyager. Walter Meego is no stranger to constructing tracks that are just as comfortable in the club or on a DJ’s mix, but could definitely find their way to a pop lover’s stereo, too. Musically, I’m going to throw a comparison to the Junior Boys if those Ontarians brought more upfront melodies and more heavy bass. Check out ‘Forever’ from Walter Meego’s Voyager record being released in May. Damn if this track couldn’t blowup with the masses.

WM :: ‘Forever’

And then on maybe the flipside to the above cut, is ‘Through a Keyhole’; this is definitely so far my highlight from them- Simple piano melody throughout, sporadic electronic effects, gutter bass and ultimately, a brilliant pop song under it all. Simply a shame if you don’t put this on blast.

WM :: ‘Through a Keyhole’


2 Responses to “brilliance through this keyhole…”

  1. March 24, 2008 at 8:25 pm

    “My favorite Chicago duo.” That’s one hell of a postition coming from you. We’ll have to talk more about this some other time. ‘Through a Keyhole’ is a timeless classic. ‘Forever’ hits all the right buttons as well. Are we going to see them again in May?

  2. March 24, 2008 at 8:27 pm

    I knew that wording would be misleading. My favorite duo who…..Local H is that duo, dude, not Meego. Meego is sitting high though.

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