12 angry months = 7 days of Local H….


“I’m in love with rock and roll, but that will change eventually.”

It’s not everyday that a band is granted the privilege to play back-to-back nights at any venue, no matter the band’s notoriety or the club’s willingness to accommodate XYZ artist. Chicago’s own Beat Kitchen, located in the Roscoe Village neighborhood has given the hardest working Midwest duo, Local H not only two nights in their tiny club, but a week’s residency to showcase their catalog in its entirety. This rock outfit that has held an overall consistent sound with traces of classic rock, stoner-rock, hints of psychedelic sounds and even frat rock thrown in over 13 year’s time is also about to release their 6th full-length studio album, ’12 Angry Months’.

To celebrate H’s new LP, Scott Lucas and Brian St. Clair are dedicating seven days in May to play all songs from each of their studio albums from start to finish. May 7th will kick off this extravaganza with their first full-length, ‘Ham Fisted’. And the days that will follow will each showcase another one of their records. Before the unveiling of ’12 Angry Months’, Lucas has decided to enlighten us with a night of B-sides and rarities, too. Besides the chance to witness LPs from start to finish, we have been promised a different opener each night and surprise guests; this promise itself almost makes the time commitment of this showcase worth showing up for. Maybe a reunion show of sorts?

More rambling and some music after the jump.

Back in the early to mid-90’s, there were a plethora of major labels (or bigger than today’s indie labels) scooping up Chicago-based bands by the truckload. Anyone who can remember, the Second City no doubt had a distinct sound that produced such acts as: Smoking Popes, Menthol, Hum, Triple Fast Action, Figdish, Loud Lucy, etc. (This period is ENDLESS blog material) As I think about this, I’m starting to realize that out of this surge, Local H is, and continues to be the only Chicago-based act who was at one point signed to a rather large label and has kept in the music game up to this day. (Please correct me if there is another act from this period that never threw in the towel. Popes were broken up at a point.) Anyone who has been wise enough to keep tabs on this duo, is well aware Scott Lucas and Brian St. Clair haven’t been part of a major since ‘98’s ‘Pack Up the Cats’.

No doubt that to stay in the music game beyond one album likely involves some type of good fortune, but for the frontman of Local H, it was just simply, a true passion for constructing rock songs. On ‘98’s ‘Pack Up the Cats’, Lucas simply proclaims, “I’m in love with rock and roll, but that will change eventually.” As far as I’m concerned, nothing has changed yet. It is that fervor that has helped to create five studio albums that to me, still withstand the test of time and shall continue to do just that. The ambitious side of me wants to post some non-singles from each album, although YouTube videos and two MP3s will just have to suffice.

Update: Machine Shed Wrestling on my latest Muxtape

Local H :: ‘Smothered in Hugs’ (From the Slingblade soundtrack. Not what you may expect)

Local H :: ‘Hands on the Bible’ (As featured on ’04’s ‘Here Comes the Zoo’)


3 Responses to “12 angry months = 7 days of Local H….”

  1. March 10, 2008 at 8:50 pm

    This is one of the best posts you’ve written. Last night you said you struggled a bit to compose this, and perhaps it’s because of the huge appreciation you have for this band. I think the end result was worth the amount of time you put into it.

    It is a little odd how it seems they are the only ones standing after such a flourishing scene in the ’90’s. Good for them for staying relavant. Or maybe they just stuck to their guns. In either case, they know how to rock and they do it well.

    How will the band play seven nights without breaking an instrument or two?

  2. 2 Lorence
    March 11, 2008 at 8:11 pm

    I’m going to try my best to call off work for all 7 days of Local H.

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