The Missing Ones….


“Umm….as far as… supportive, he’d have to support me financially. Ummm…I like a man who has money; has goals in life.”

These are the desires uttered by some ladies on the opening to Read Music / Speak Spanish, the 2002 debut from Desaparecidos. Most likely, this name would have passed you by five or six years ago, unless you were aware of the frontman, Connor Oberst. Mr. Bright Eyes himself is obviously known for his voice that somehow cracks and howls simultaneously, and then also his heartfelt folk songs that have over time, matured into mini orchestral pieces. It’s the anomaly of this group that makes me want to share, even if this act wasn’t all too well received. Remember though, Connor was dubbed “rock’s boy genius” at one point.

Connor and a few of his friends decided to go all punk rock with a tinge of angry deliveries thrown in just to sound sincere enough. With distorted guitars and bass that is mighty heavy in all nine tracks; a cheap sounding Casio is interspersed over all this noise as well and Connor’s voice is apparent even when he’s doing a light screamo thing. The lyrical content leans to politics, (Now perhaps a Bright Eyes staple) the suburban sprawl, capitalism and everything else you usually don’t hear on the man’s LPs. Read Music / Speak Spanish is about six years old already, and maybe poorly done to some, but this LP is still occasionally thrown into the player and that’s how it came to be dropped on you, our loyal reader.

Desaparecidos :: Man and Wife, The Former (Financial Planning)

Desaparecidos :: Man and Wife, The Latter (Damaged Goods)

And below, a b-side from Saddle Creek’s 50 compilation.

Desaparecidos :: Popn’ Off at the F


1 Response to “The Missing Ones….”

  1. February 2, 2008 at 11:54 am

    Nice collection of songs. The hard edge is energizing, but it’s so odd to hear Oberst screaming at the top of his lungs. It’s a night and day difference from his Bright Eyes act, which is probably what he was trying to achieve with this project.

    I love how his voice quivers more than usual when he sings “And it’s like I’m underwater. . .” on ‘Damaged Goods.’ It actually sounds like he’s drowning. Passion!

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