C’mon, ALL Y’ALL!


The former poster boy of the Dismemberment Plan, Travis Morrison put out solo record number two this year, All Y’All. His previous album wasn’t too well received by critics and fans alike, but that instant backlash was only credited to how groundbreaking and likable his former group was for many. The D-Plan was one of those acts that come around every once in a while that quickly develop a cult following. Their vibe was all over the place musically speaking, but ultimately all songs were in rock form or something close to it. Travis and company obviously had a love for hip-hop, R&B, punk, and whatever else was thrown into the mix. Some even credit these characters for the dance-punk movement. A lot of their songs were high energy, spastic at times, and their live show was one not to be missed. Just like with anything, especially a solid band, it all eventually comes to an end before you really even had a chance to appreciate it.

Lucky for me, and hopefully you, too, this solo record is one to do nothing but praise. This post isn’t necessarily a chance for me to share a few fantastic songs off a mediocre record, because All Y’All seems to be the natural progression we all hoped for after The Plan called it quits many years ago. It wouldn’t surprise me if this LP shows up on some best of lists, maybe even mine. A lot of tracks have the craziness of “Emergency and I” ‘s brilliance and also at the same time, the more mature, lush sound of “Change”. I remember reading awhile back that people thought Travis’ lyrics were just stupid and ridiculous, but you have to realize this guy doesn’t take himself all too seriously. I mean, c’mon, he covers Ludacris’ “What’s Your Fantasy” with a rubber band guitar. Don’t sleep on this, MiS!

Travis Morrison – ‘Catch Up’ (Reminds me of WAW’s ‘You’re Freakin….’)

Travis Morrison – ‘You Make Me Feel Like a Freak’

You should really watch all the videos this user posted.  Here is just a taste…


1 Response to “C’mon, ALL Y’ALL!”

  1. December 11, 2007 at 8:20 pm

    Did I hear a Diner call-out in the first verse of ‘You Make Me Feel Like a Freak?’ These songs do sound more representative of the D-Plan sound. This is an album I’ve been meaning to pick up since it was released. Shame on me for never doing so.

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