I Saw the Wild Birds Of Heaven In Your Eyes

english prairie scapefixed gaze

As Dr. JT mentioned in his post a few days ago, I was on British soil last week.  We ventured over the Atlantic to tour parts of England and Scotland.  It was my first time in Europe.  I hope it isn’t my last.  We spent the better part of 8 days walking, drinking, and publically transporting around London and Edinburgh. 

London seemed more complex – like a pretty girl who wears a bunch of make-up.   Dramatically impressive yet a bit unnecessary at times.  Edinburgh shined with natural beauty – its castle acting as the piercing glow of a pair of eyes you just cannot escape.  Both were absolutely astonishing in their own right.

In a fit of conflicted luck (Matt Mahaffey might call it a happy accident), we ended up taking a train between both locations which provided plenty of time to listen to music while reflecting on the many historical landmarks upon which we embarked.

The song below is one I found myself constantly going back to while on our journey.  It’s only too appropriate that the Moths are from London.  But aside from the sorry cliche, I found myself completely entranced with the hypnotic riff and gritty rhythm that sets the landscape for some perfectly simple love-based lyrics. 

Individual moments breathe new life into songs.  Good and bad.  Expected or not.  Like the song in the background during a first kiss or a passionate argument, the association can’t be avoided.  

For me, this song will always be about a fantastic adventure with an even more fantastic girl.  Thank you.  I’ll never let you go.

The Moths :: Wild Birds
The Moths :: Myspace


2 Responses to “I Saw the Wild Birds Of Heaven In Your Eyes”

  1. November 8, 2007 at 4:37 am

    Nice writeup! It’s good to see some heart going into MiS.

    Who’s that fine youngin’ in that picture?

    After listening to this track, I want to visit their MySpace. Solid!

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