Pump Depeche Mode in my box and roll thick…


D-R-E & Snoop D-O double G, Mos Def & Kweli (Blackstar), Eric B & Rakim, and the list goes on for hot hip-hop duos who participated in the tag team arena of MCin’. By no means am I to suggest this group and their two songs I’m going to highly recommend can begin to step to the previously mentioned duos, but this I do know, these songs build on what those pioneers penned many years ago. The Reseda, CA act known as Styles of Beyond are comprised of MC Ryu and MC Tak who incorporate old school beats that are laced with bass heavy drum machine hits, screeching synths, sporadic scratches, and Casio melodies throughout. If you decide to go beyond these tracks, the beats are heavily on the rock kick.

On ‘Eurobiks’, the cadence of the deliveries are fierce, the bass is plenty deep and the chorus is perfected by a female vocalist mouthing something in perhaps French, I think. Regardless, this track screams to be turned up on your new speakers, Dr. T.

With ‘Mr. Brown’, the tempos of the rhymes are set a few BPMs below the previous track, which gives this cut more of a down-tempo feel. Again though, Ryu and Tak step in and out of the spotlight to drop their own unique verses about this mysterious Mr. Brown character. Listen for the eerie wind howl throughout the chorus and put it on BLAST!


1 Response to “Pump Depeche Mode in my box and roll thick…”

  1. September 3, 2007 at 10:52 am

    Continuing to kill it, kid. Both of these tracks are strong. I dig the old-school vibe of the beats and the rhymes. Eurobiks has a little Self tone mixed in with the synths. Dr. T, I want to hear these tracks on the new speakers immediately!

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