Wanna get away?


As the wind is fierce as ever outside and the sky is blacker than Angry’s coffee in the late afternoon, an endless mix of whisk you away to the beach playlist is looking even more ideal as I type this.

Did Internet radio ever become what it was supposed to be when it first broke many years back? I tried it and then quickly gave up when other sources of discovering new music surfaced, like none other than this infamous, yet slightly overlooked blog. So Sergent Garcia, who I’ve toted in the past is from France and rocks everything from salsa and reggae to hip-hop. According to him, he concocts “salsa muffin”. He’s affiliated with a station (not real) online that’s entitled Radio Timbo, that plays music that can whisk you away to a beach in the middle of the Caribbean or maybe just make you want to take Latin dance classes and for real diversity, they even have Missy Elliot tracks thrown in to confuse you.

The real beauty is if you’re not feeling the current song, simply click on the song below it to try something else. (Or do all online stations have this option?) It’s almost like an endless playlist of music you probably would never search out on your own, but may feel guilty that you never did when you discover how infectious some of it can be. Step out of your element today…

The endless Latin influenced playlist.


1 Response to “Wanna get away?”

  1. August 23, 2007 at 9:54 pm

    Top notch link, man. I feel like I’m doing tequila shots with Austin in Playa del Carmen again. Topless beaches, kid.

    Great Angry reference…

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