Beyond “1234”: No remainder on Feist’s The Reminder

Broken Social Scenster Leslie Feist’s The Reminder is my favorite album ever highlighting female vocals and one of my favorite albums of 2007. My days beholden to vintage Natalie Merchant and Liz Phair are over. Only Aimee Mann can stay for the discussion. By moniker alone, she’s the equivalent of a Brazilian sport star in the indie music universe. She’s our Madonna or, dare say, Britney. She’s Feist, damn it. Weird, wonderful and indie. She lives in Paris, or is Toronto again? She’s mainstream saucy, indie hip, Top 40 sweet, evocatively jazzy, and, yes, that zestfully fun video to “1234” is one shot. Pelé never did that.

I would love to listen more to female vocalists, but never has an album truly captured my attention for weeks or months on end featuring primarily a female singer, until Feist. Jason right now is thinking of the single-u-lar exceptions, such as Garbage’s “When I Grow Up.” He was my neighbor when I killed that song. But Feist has put together an album worth of simply irresistible material. Hand claps, keyboards, horns, crazy backing vocals, pedal steel, all performed within an expansive sound that makes you feel like you’re in a concert hall with She-Who-Must-Be-Named, Feist. And the scariest proposition: her preceding album is supposedly better. Wow. In Feist I Trust.

Again, hand claps and a huge soundstage….



2 Responses to “Beyond “1234”: No remainder on Feist’s The Reminder”

  1. 1 Dave
    August 21, 2007 at 7:50 am

    I asked our boy a few weeks back if he thought picking up her album was worth it and he wasn’t too sure, but you just solidified it a worthy purchase for me. Great call with the song, JT.

    How did you add your little icon??

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