The end of all things…


Every time this closing track plays randomly on the iPod or as an excellent finale to an album no one unfortunately ever heard, I think of other songs closing out records. Christian Lane, who once fronted the short-lived Chicago act Loud Lucy, penned “Understanding” for his solo joint, which could possibly be one of my all time favorite tracks to bring an album to its end. Maybe it’s the uplifting phrases uttered throughout the nearly four minute track, the light piano sprinkled in here and there with the faint drum pattern, or the da da near the end, but regardless, gravitating towards the repeat button is the norm…

Christian Lane-Understanding

Another go-to closer is the ultimate rhythmic body juker: Valetta Fanfares. Who thought a drumline could sound so hot? Vitallic obviously did.

Vitalic-Valletta Fanfares

Is there a perfect template to end a record?


1 Response to “The end of all things…”

  1. February 18, 2007 at 11:19 pm

    Closing tracks are really like the Dude’s rug; the song ties an album together (or in the case of the Dude, his rug really tied the room together…did it not?). It’s a bit sad when I think about how albums as we know them are slowly dying and as such, so will the concept of the last track. The advent of MP3 players remove any need for a last song because, in a way, there never is a final song. It simply shuffles to the next selection.

    This Christian Lane song is killer. You passed me a copy of this album last year. I haven’t listened to it much, but this will motivate me to do so. The harmonies on it are brilliant.

    Listening to Vitalic reminds me of watching a football game back in high school while the band cracks during every break.

    Fine work!

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