No Barking in Sheffield for Little Man Tate

No Barking

Little Man Tate, a four-man group named after a movie directed by Jodie Foster, have been creating quite a ruckus in the short time they have been a band.  In just a year, these lads from Sheffield, England have charted two singles on the UK Billboard Top 40 and are consistently selling out shows across their homeland.  While Sheffield is also home to recently fabled indie rockers, the Arctic Monkeys, Little Man Tate have managed to create some hype of their own with comparisons to the Jam, Interpol, Pulp, and Blur.  They are also drawing critical acclaim for their intense live shows. 

They are currently preparing to release their first full length album on February 8th called About What You Know, which falls on the heels of the playful single, “Man, I Hate Your Band.”  Sonically, the music is driven by a frenzied beat coupled with a killer guitar riff calling to mind the Features in some regard.  The lyrics are amusingly witty, as lead singer Jon Windle muses about his distaste for bands with cocky, self-serving attitudes on the brink of signing a massive record deal. 

Sexy In Latin,” the album’s second single will be released a week before the album, and was actually the first song that won my attention.  The title made me think of someone, perhaps a contributor of this blog, who is known to fancy Latin females at times.  However, rather than it being about an exotic girl, it talks of a childhood love affair that is rekindled in their 20’s.  The song bounces into a fantastic little Brit-pop ditty, complete with a harmonized chorus sure to become engraved in your mind for the day. 

Perhaps they’ll make their way to the US in 2007.  We have plenty of walls in alleyways for them to pee on.

Check them out:

Little Man Tate :: Man, I Hate Your Band (video stream)
Little Man Tate :: Sexy In Latin

Little Man Tate :: Official Site
Little Man Tate :: Myspace


1 Response to “No Barking in Sheffield for Little Man Tate”

  1. 1 Dave
    January 24, 2007 at 7:51 am

    This can’t get any better! Outstanding! Of course, I can’t hear the music now, but it sounds rather intriguing

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