Can it get more rock and roll?

Say what you may about the credibility of Local H’s music, but there isn’t once where they have not brought it in a live setting. They’ve had their commercial success over the years with a few singles and various songs showing up in random places. (Jock Rock) It seems over the last few years though, they are about as obscure outside of Chicago as your favorite coveted band you never want to blow up. Regardless of what you may think about their aggressive rock sound they’ve decided to ride for years, this duo continues to day in and day out bring a show worthy of getting hit for. Watch this clip for entertainment and then if you’re fired up from that, checkout a b-side that is very reminiscent of their sonic sound.

Check it in Firefox or make sure your IE is updated, son.



Local H-Cooler Headz


2 Responses to “Can it get more rock and roll?”

  1. December 1, 2006 at 11:15 am

    I’ve always been a little ashamed that I wasn’t a bigger fan of these guys back in my high school and college days. A lot of their music, including the b-side you included here remind me of that great grunge sound from the early ’90’s. Obviously, with Scott Lucas’ unpredictable temperment, I’m sure each show tops the one seen before. Good call with this.

    The video link appears to be busted though.

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